Think all pies are created equal? Think again!

Mamie's pocket pies are the Frozen little pie with the BIG homemade taste!

             Pie making has always been a tradition in our family. Recipes were passed down from her great grandmother, to her nana and then to her mum Mamie. When Kara’s daughter’s high school winter formal was cancelled because of lack of funding, she decided to make her family’s 9” apple pies for the class to sell. The fundraiser was a huge success and Kara then found herself taking orders from the local grocery stores.

 Mamie’s Pies was in business! But Kara quickly realized she needed to take this seasonal business and turn it into year round happiness...enter the creation of Mamie’s single serving, hand-held pocket pies! Shaped like apples, blueberries and pumpkins, these pocket pies are the perfect size to enjoy anytime of the year! With their unique shapes and absolutely delicious homemade taste, it didn't take long for Mamie's pocket pies to be chosen as Oprah's Favorite!

           Using simple all natural ingredients and no preservatives, Mamie's pocket pies are frozen, unbaked and go freezer to oven, air fry or deep fry. Mamie's flavors include the sweet and tart McIntosh apple, Wild Maine blueberry, tart Michigan Cherry, sweet strawberry and New England pumpkin with molasses and brown sugar. Each pocket pie is surrounded by Mamie's signature flaky crust that compliments the fruit forward fillings.

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