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Wicked Good | Variety 12 Pack

Product image 1Wicked Good | Variety 12 Pack
Product image 2Wicked Good | Variety 12 Pack
Product image 3Wicked Good | Variety 12 Pack

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Three each of Mamie’s Pies iconic Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, and Peach all natural single serving pies with the signature melt-in-your-mouth flaky crust and chock full of delicious fresh fruit. Made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, each one has the big taste of a New England homemade pie!

 3 Apple: Our apple shaped pocket pie is chock full of sweet and tart McIntosh apples, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and surrounded by Mamie's deliciously flaky crust.

3 Cherry: Tart cherries highlight this popular pocket pie surrounded by Mamie's melt-in-your-mouth flaky crust. If you desire a touch more sweetness...wait until cooled and sprinkle with powdered sugar!

3 Blueberry: Wild Maine blueberries are little gems of sunshine bursting with flavor with every bite. Surrounded by Mamie’s signature flaky crust, this pocket pie is an extra special treat.

3 Peach: The most recent addition to our pocket pie family will leave you feeling peachy-keen! Our signature flaky crust surrounds the juicy summer sweetness you know and love.

 All pies are shipped unbaked, frozen (2-day on dry ice) and individually packaged for your enjoyment.

Customer Reviews

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Fresh, delicious, but...

We received this box as a gift. And we enjoyed it trying in a conventional oven and an air fryer with different tasty results. (The conventional oven result was really hot and needed time to cool! But i thought it tasted better.)

My only reservation is the use of palm oil. Forests are being destroyed for palm farms though the oil is vegan, inexpensive, and produces the flaky, melty result that makes these pies irresistible. Sadly this bothers my conscience as climate change is directly affected by agricultural practices. Sustainability standards are compromised because companies do what they can to sell more. Hence, one star removed.

There are many plants in the world. Surely we can find something more sustainable than palm before too much palm causes species extinction!

Love the crust that helps make the perfect little pie.

Love these little pies and have made three orders in the few months, two for myself and sent another to my daughter.
Bob J

Absolutely YUMMY!

Bought these through QVC over a year ago. They were absolutely delicious. I wish they were sold in New Jersey - maybe Whole Foods or Acme.
They are a bit pricy and I would buy them if offered for a sale price at QVC. My mouth is watering just thinking of biting into one.
I loved the apple, blueberry, peach. Strawberry would be the 4th. Skip the pumpkin - not crazy about that one.
Thank you for such an awesome product and with wonderful ingredients

So Tasty

I love pie and Mamie’s are the best! They are like the pie my mother use to bake. The fillings are wonderful (blueberry my favorite). The crust is to die for. They are just the right size and I can cook them in my air fryer in 13 minutes. What else could you ask for? Thanks Mamie for a wonderful product .

Great. Pies Just incorrect order

The pies are fabulous. My original order was not correct .received only 9 pies. I contacted c.s. and it was corrected immediately. Great customer service, hence the 5 stars!

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