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Pie Prep 101


Remove pies from the freezer, take off packaging, and place directly on a parchment lined baking sheet. Do NOT thaw!

For a golden brown crust, brush with milk before baking. Bake until pies are golden and you start to see the 7 layers of flaky crust! 

Conventional Oven

425° for 22-24 min

Convection Oven

400° for 17-20 min

Air Fryer

375° for 8-9 min 

Deep Fryer

400° for 4-5 min 

Why does some filling spill out when baking?

When delicious filling spills out of your pocket pies while baking, you're doing it right! Our pies contain absolutely NO preservatives, this means the preservative free fruit may ooze out! Just take a spoon, add the filling back into the pie, and you're ready to enjoy. 

How long do they last in the freezer?

Mamie's Pies last up to a year in your freezer, but we both know they are too delicious to stay in your freezer! They will be gone before you can say pocket pie!