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Peach Pie Note

Peach Pie Note Yield Calculations  

The notes are purchased at a discount to the face value of the note.
Mamie’s will retire the note at face value. The difference or profit is
added to the accrued interest to determine the total return.  

The Peach Pie Note has a $12,000 face value (the amount to be paid by
Mamie’s Pies to the note holder). However, the note is offered at a
purchase price of $10,000. The $ 2,000 difference is profit on the note
which is added to the accrued interest to determine the total return. 
The accrued interest is calculated from the date the note is
purchased to the date the note is retired (paid) by Mamie’s Pies.

For example, the Peach Pie note pays 7.5% per annum interest calculated on the
$12,000 face value of the note, or $2.47 per day in interest. Assuming the note is
the note is purchased on Friday, August 26th (Women’s Equality Day, which
makes for a great gift), and the note is paid on the due date of October 14, 2023
(414 days), Mamie’s Pies shall pay the note holder $1,020.82 in accrued interest. 

Therefore, the $2,000 profit on the note plus the $1,020.82 in accrued
interest combined to return the noteholder of $3,020.82, a return on
the $10,000 purchase price of over 30%.

From Mamie’s Pies, in support of Woman’s Equality Day and National
Dessert Day we wish you all our best regards.

Kara Romanik

President & CEO