We all remember being kids, right?

We would spend month thinking of our Halloween costume and asking our Moms to make them from scratch or take us to the Halloween stores so that we could find the perfect spooky outfit…. We would talk to our friends at school and find out what everyone else was going to be for the holiday…. We would starve ourselves the day before Halloween so that we could…

Leave lots of space in our bellies to eat ALL the trick-or-treating candy we acquired the next day!

Because what was the best part of Halloween as a little kid? Trick-or-treating, of course!

And what’s the best part of Halloween for adults? The best part of Halloween is the trick-or-treating, too! All the cute trick-or-treaters ring our doorbells and have their little hands out for a delicious treat.

Back in the old days, a Three Muskateer was a good go-to. But in this day and age, kids want something new and delicious and unique on Halloween.

What’s the perfect snack to give them? Half of Mamie’s pumpkin pocket pie!!

Bake several dozen Mamie’s pumpkin pocket pies on Halloween and cut them all into quarters or halves for the kids! When they come to your door, you’ll make their Halloween bright by giving them a delicious and warm snack to take with them as they continue on their trick-or-treating journey.

Only drawback? After the kids taste the pies, you might see them circling back a second or third time to ask for more pie!

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