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The Summer Party Solution

Summer parties are even better than summer picnics.

You’ve got your twinkle lights hanging from the summer trees in your backyard. The trees are swaying in the summer breeze, and the ombre sunset is peeking through the leaves.

You’ve got white linen tablecloths covering your round tables.

You’ve got candles decorating the tables and gold-trimmed goblets are being carried out on trays.

You’ve tossed on those sexy summer sandals and colorful earrings because at a summer party, you can dress your best. And you can wear all the white you want!

The only trouble with wearing white is spillage on your threads, when you eat or drink something delicious.

So ~ what’s the perfect, delicious (and mess-free) dessert?

Mamie’s Pies: The easy, delicious and snackable dessert!

Choose from your favorites, i.e. either McIntosh Apple, Strawberry, Cherry or Wild Maine Blueberry, pop them in them in the oven and serve each guest their favorite fruit flavor for a decadent and delicious dessert to compliment your gorgeous summer party.

With Mamie’s, dessert is always in style.