The Perfect Everyday Treat

Some of us prefer sweet, and some of us prefer salty. That being said, we all love delicious things.

Delicious is something we can all agree on.

Mamie’s pocket pies are an everyday treat because they are simple and easy to prepare.

Simply open your dry ice 12-pack of Mamie’s pocket pies and place them in your freezer.

If you’re craving McIntosh apple pie, tart cherry, Wild Maine blueberry or sweet strawberry, we have you covered! Just pair any flavor with some delicious vanilla ice cream for the perfect treat on a hot summer mid-day.

Take these easy steps:

  1. Preheat your oven

  2. Take one of the cute pies out of the freezer

  3. Place it on parchment paper on a cookie sheet

  4. Decorate the top of the pocket pie with a little bit of milk

  5. Pop the sheet into the oven

Voila! Within minutes, your mouth-watering pocket pie is ready to eat!

With only 4 simple filling ingredients, this is a treat and homemade recipe that you can sink your teeth and heart into, every day!

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