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Tailgating with Mamie’s Pies

Football season is a big deal.

People paint their faces, don their favorite players’ jerseys, drink cold beers (even on a cold fall day in New England when the Patriots play), commute long distances, pay high prices for tickets to the games, tune in on Monday nights, post stories to Instagram when their favorite team wins, buy paraphernalia, encourage family members to hop on the bandwagon, and…

Needless to say, being a big football fan is more of a lifestyle than a hobby.

Our Founder, Kara Romanik, couldn’t agree more. She’s not trying to make any enemies, but her family if from New England, and her McIntosh apples and Wild Maine Blueberries all come from New England, so…

It’s safe to say the first football player she’d like to hand one of her pocket pies to is Mr. Tom Brady. But short of giving Mamie’s pocket pies to the GOAT himself, she wants to spread Mamie’s delicious pocket pie love to all football fans!

The great thing about Mamie’s pocket pies is that they are all single-serving. If you’re commuting to a game (or to the bar!) to watch your favorite players, you could wrap a warm Mamie’s in a napkin or small Tupperware and toss it in your purse or backpack.

Imagine snacking on a delicious Wild Maine Blueberry, tart Cherry or mouth-watering McIntosh apple pocket pie while watching your team!

If you’re throwing a viewing party at your house, our Mamie’s assorted pocket pie 12-pack would be the perfect complimentary dessert to all your appetizers!

We. Promise ~ if you try our pocket pies ~ you’ll be cheering for more than just your team, by the time you’ve finished your first pie!