By Laurie Pillings Rinker, Brand Marketing Services,Inc. 5.28.19

Laurie Pillings Rinker of Brand Marketing Services, Inc. has created a series, “Brands that Deliver,” that recognizes brands that deliver on branding best practices and produce results.

Some of the evaluating factors include target-centric strategic brands with strong visual identities, stories, and messages that are engaging, authentic, consistent, and relevant. Other key factors include brands that keep their promises, focus on a higher purpose, give back to the community, and brands I have experienced.


Use this series to reflect on how your brand compares and what you can do to enhance your own results.


I am highlighting MAMIE’S PIES

"Mamie’s New England Pocket Pies are unbaked, frozen, preservative-free and filled with simple all-natural ingredients. Simply pop them in the oven directly from the freezer and enjoy a little bit of New England."

I was walking through the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this past January, when I came upon a beautifully branded booth. I was familiar with Mamie’s Pies as I had sampled their apple pie at the Woodlands Market in Kentfield, California a few years ago. Her dangerously delicious pocket pies are not something you easily forget!

Additionally, I had heard of Mamie’s Pies from Heidi Kuhn, founder of the highly recognized and much-honored non-profit, Roots of Peace. Mamie’s Pies created a pie specifically to honor Roots of Peace, and a percentage of the Pies of Peace sales are donated to them. (See below.)

Mamie’s Pies started as a fundraiser.

Kara Romanik, Owner, Founder, and CEO started Mamie’s as a fundraiser in 2012. Her daughter Kiki came home from school one day and said, “Mom, we need to help raise money for the school dance, can you make some of Grandma’s pies?” Kara said "Yes," the school then asked for hundred 120 pies! But she only had one oven, so Kara needed a way to create and preserve ten dozen pies. She thought if she sold them frozen, she would not have to bake them herself. And as a bonus, she knew that if she froze them, she would not have to use preservatives. With the help of the local grocery store, United Markets, she made it happen. Unbeknownst to her, this fundraiser was the start of a successful business.

Why do I feel Mamie’s Pies is a “Brand That Delivers ”?


Strong Company Strategy

  • Vision: Pies bring happiness and she wants to share that happiness with everyone.

  • Mission: Create a world where pie isn’t just for special occasions but enjoyed every day for all of life’s moments! “Spreading happiness, one pocket pie at a time.”

  • Why: As a little girl, Kara liked to sell things that she made. After a successful but unfulfilling career in finance and management, she wanted to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and sell things that she lovingly created. That's when Kara’s passion project turned into a full-time business.

A Well-Defined Brand

  • Strong point-of-difference

  • Logo: On target and reflective of the present brand

  • Name: Using her grandmother’s recipe Kara named the business after her mother, Mamie. The name denotes homemade, as well as family.

  • Tagline: The formal tagline is in development. They are presently using “Happiness in the Palm of Your Hand ” which suggests the homemade, family and an authentic point-of difference.

  • Clear and relatable messages.

  • Consistent and engaging homespun brand look and tone.

Proof of Brand Promise and Delivery

  • Brand Promise: We promise to always deliver the highest quality, fruit-forward pies with flaky crusts that deliver happiness.

  • Fabulous testimonials: They were named Amazon's Choice after only eight weeks after launch, and also chosen as an Oprah Favorite.

  • Repeat Business: They have been featured on QVC over 15 times, often with sell-out shows (selling 24,000 pies in eight minutes)!

Target-Driven Innovative Products

  • Mamie's Pies is a category disruptor! In 2015, Kara listened to her customers and found they felt her initial 9-inch pie was a seasonal purchase. She responded to the market need with a new product no one else offers—smaller, full-sized, single-serving frozen pocket pies in different shapes which can be sold year-round. (Note: They are so cute!)

  • Food and Beverage Magazine says “Mamie’s Pies leads the way in innovation by creating single-serving convenience without sacrificing quality.”

But Wait; There's More, They Also Give Back

  • Mamie's Pies supports the international non-profit, Roots of Peace, with the creation of “ Pies for Peace.“For over 20 years, Roots of Peace has worked in war-torn countries to facilitate the removal of remnants of war (i.e. landmines) and restore the land to rebuild peaceful communities for generations to come. Their award-winning solutions have been an economic catalyst for the recovering war-torn farming industry and communities worldwide.

  • Mamie’s Pies also supports Slide Ranch, a non-profit in the San Francisco Bay Area that focuses on educating disadvantaged students on sustainable agriculture.

Successful Marketing Efforts

  • Mamie’s Pies focuses on sampling at B2B trade shows. They were quickly spotted by Oprah and picked up by QVC.

  • Expanding into new grocery markets and channels. Their national retail launch is targeted for 2019.

  • Next proposed growth phases are food service and international distribution.

Financial Success

  • Sales have increased six-fold in the past two years.


Founder Kara Romanik’s Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

  • “Be fearless and take a risk – I was a divorced stay-at-home mom with three kids when I started Mamie’s Pies. I sold my house and liquidated my retirement.”

  • “Don’t get overwhelmed. Just take a couple of steps at a time.”

  • “Don’t get too high or don’t get too low — try to stay even-keeled.”

We look forward to seeing where Kara takes Mamie’s Pies next!


About Mamie's Pies: Founded in 2013, Mamie's Pies is a leader in the single-serve freezer-to-oven dessert grocery category. Mamie's Pies mission is to make every day a pie day by offering simple, individual serving of all natural fruit filled pocket pies online, in your local grocery stores and on QVC. Mamie's takes the hassle out of pie-making, by offering individual pocket pies ready to bake and enjoy at home. To learn more, visit or contact

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