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Mamie’s Pies Halloween Extravaganza

Mamie’s Pies is a delicious treat for every day, and it is also the perfect compliment to a spooky (and yummy!) Halloween celebration.

Picture it:

You’ve picked out this year’s Halloween costume. This year, you’ve decided to be a black cat (the lucky kind), and you’ve purchased your whiskers, your kitty nose, your black onesie.

You’ve bought your black cat’s tail, your black ballerina slippers and have even purchased long black (and sparkly!) lashes to put on the day of your Halloween Party.

Speaking of your Halloween party, you’ve also picked out all of the decorations:

  • The fake spider webs
  • The plastic zombie head
  • The spooky orange tablecloths with the white ghosts. Embroidered on them
  • The fake blood
  • The fog machine
  • 5 lanterns (with real candles inside!)
  • A mockup of the headless horseman to put on your front lawn!
  • Ingredients to make a spooky, fruity and delicious punch for all party-goers to enjoy
  • Pigs-in-a-blanket to serve as appetizers
  • Ingredients to make potato salad
  • A turkey that you will make and carve up to serve all your hungry guests

Then, something occurs to you: You forgot dessert!

Have no fear (even though it’s Halloween): Mamie’s is here!

Mamie’s pumpkin pocket pies are the perfect addition to your Halloween Party! Order 3 twelve-packs and they will arrive frozen on dry ice. On the day of the party, toss the min the oven, and Voila! Dessert is served.

Each individual pocket pie is shaped like a cute little pumpkin and is stuffed with delicious pumpkin and maple syrup (no sugar!).

Its melt-in-your-mouth flaky crust will definitely have your party-goers asking for seconds!