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Kara Romanik, Owner
San Rafael, California


San Rafael, California


What customers are saying about Mamie’s Pies

I’m from Boston, this tastes like Boston!!
— Sigona’s Market Customer, Palo Alto

“This pie is beautiful and the crust is perfect. My grandmother made pies just like this!”

Nugget Customer, Elk Grove  

“These pocket pies are great and really inexpensive.” “I want each of my family members to have their own pie.” “I’ve tried these before from the lady in the picture, who I think is the owner, she is lovely and her pies are lovely too!”

Nugget Customers, El Dorado Hills

“Well, I was going to make a pie but this is perfect and much easier.” "I make my own pies and I wish they turned out like these, Where can I find one?”

United Market Customer, San Rafael 

“My wife is gonna be upset that I bought these, but they're the perfect size so I don’t over eat. I’ll hide them in the back of the freezer!”

Woodlands Market Customer, Kentfield

"I bought Mamie’s Apple Pie for Thanksgiving, but our plans changed and we went out instead of cooking. On July 4th we were invited to a potluck BBQ and I decided to bake the Mamie’s Pie. I followed the directions exactly and it turned out beautifully - being the HIT of the evening! The hosts emailed me the next day saying they ate the remainder of the pie for breakfast, it was so delicious. Now - where can you buy a pie, put it into the freezer for 7 months, take it out and have it be AWESOME? One place. Mamie’s!"

Gigi L. Bibeault
GLB Enterprises, Inc.

“Last Christmas we received a Mamie’s Pie as a gift from our contractor. We served it at our holiday party and everyone could not stop talking about how amazing it was. The crust was so buttery and flakey, I could have eaten the crust alone! But then the apples added the perfect blend of sweet and tart. It was simply the best apple pie I’ve ever eaten!”

Dr. Carolyn Mar

"I recently bought one of your Apple Pocket Pies for my teenage son. Today he came to me declaring you'd lied about your ingredients. I was surprised and asked him about it. "look" he said, "Right here on the front it says 'Made with love' but there's no love in the ingredients!" We both laughed but then agreed it would be very cool if you DID have the word "Love" as the first ingredient in your list on the backside of the package. What do you think?

          Barbara & Connor Ginther

"We sold Mamie's Apple Pies as a school fundraiser for our Leadership class at Drake HS. My students thrilled many families with the delivery of these amazing pies. They made the holidays extra special and many folks contacted us for seconds and thirds! Delicious!"

Kendall Galli
Drake ASB Advisor and Student Activities Director

 Harvest Market Customer

Harvest Market Customer

"Thank you for making your pocket pies, they're the perfect size for me!"

Harvest Market Customer
Fort Bragg, CA

Mamie's Pies are truly a New England Treasure... They're wicked good!!"

The Assumption College Women's Volleyball Team
Worcester, MA

“I really appreciate the simplicity, it’s nice to read ingredients I can pronounce. The strawberry might be the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

Olivers Market Customer, Stony Point


“The Apple kicks butt, I’m from Boston and this is the real deal. These are so delicious, I’ll be back for more”

Mollie Stones Customer, Greenbrae