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Kara Romanik, Owner
San Rafael, California


San Rafael, California



Kara Romanik, Mamie's Pies Founder, appears on QVC on a regular basis, here are just a couple of her SOLD OUT shows!


July 2017

Life Of Pie

"In the words of Fagin, you’ve got to pick a pocket or two! Especially when they’re individually wrapped, preservative-free, single- serving apple, cherry, or strawberry frozen pies, each enveloped in a buttery crust. Just bake and serve. And speaking of Dickens, please, sir, may we have some more?"

- Oprah Magazine


"Mamie's Pies expands its line of all-natural, preservative-free Pocket Pies with a new Cherry flavor. Now available nationwide, the frozen unbaked desserts are made in New England with local fruits, sustainably sourced vegetable shortening and Mamie's signature scalloped edge crust."

"It’s been a delicious journey for Kara Romanik, from a high school fundraiser to making the 'O List' in Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine next month. Romanik, from San Rafael, is the founder and owner of Mamie’s Pies, maker of individually sized, frozen 'pocket pies.'"

"The media maven, a professed lover of Model Bakery’s fluffy English muffins, is onto a new Bay Area treat. Her new fave is the “pocket pie” from Mamie’s Pies, which are made by a San Rafael woman using her grandma’s recipe and shipped frozen. Apparently she started the business after the apple pie she made for her daughter’s school dance was a huge hit. Now that Oprah has spread the word in the August issue of O Magazine, it’s game on. Hope you’re ready, adorable pie company."


"These adorable, homemade pocket pies will make a sweet addition to your pizzeria. The preservative-free, New England-style pies are easy to prepare, baking at high temperatures so you can pop them into your pizza oven directly from the freezer and watch them brown to a perfect crisp."

"Pies—especially fruit pies—are a near-sacrosanct comfort food for many. Kara Romanik founded Mamie’s Pies LLC, which makes a line of old-fashioned pies presented in single servings. The products retain their authentic texture and flavor, while leveraging the benefit of cryoprotection natural to some ingredients, such as fruits with intrinsic cellulose and pectin. Also, molasses mixed with brown sugar is used instead of white sugar for better water-retention properties."