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A Match Made in Dessert Heaven

kara romanik

Ever wondered what the greatest combination in the world is?

Sonny & Cher?

Peanut Butter & Jelly?

Cookies and Cream?

Sweet & Sour?

Laurel & Hardy? Ok, we dated ourselves with this one! ;)

Beyonce & Jay Z?

Although all of these combinations are timeless favorites, we believe the all-time, all-American greatest combination is:

Mamie’s Pies & Ice Cream!

There are so many different kinds of ice cream and so many different kinds of Mamie’s Pies!

Some of our favorite combos are:

Mamie’s McIntosh Apple + Vanilla Bean

Mamie’s McIntosh Apple + Coffee

Mamie’s Cherry + Sorbet

Mamie’s Pumpkin + Cookies & Cream

Mamie’s Strawberry + Halo Top Lemon Cake

Mamie’s Wild Maine Blueberry + Halo Top Lemon Cake


The Summer Party Solution

kara romanik

Summer parties are even better than summer picnics.

You’ve got your twinkle lights hanging from the summer trees in your backyard. The trees are swaying in the summer breeze, and the ombre sunset is peeking through the leaves.

You’ve got white linen tablecloths covering your round tables.

You’ve got candles decorating the tables and gold-trimmed goblets are being carried out on trays.

You’ve tossed on those sexy summer sandals and colorful earrings because at a summer party, you can dress your best. And you can wear all the white you want!

The only trouble with wearing white is spillage on your threads, when you eat or drink something delicious.

So ~ what’s the perfect, delicious (and mess-free) dessert?

Mamie’s Pies: The easy, delicious and snackable dessert!

Choose from your favorites, i.e. either McIntosh Apple, Strawberry, Cherry or Wild Maine Blueberry, pop them in them in the oven and serve each guest their favorite fruit flavor for a decadent and delicious dessert to compliment your gorgeous summer party.

With Mamie’s, dessert is always in style.


Christmas in July on QVC

kara romanik

Mamie’s Pies + Christmas Cheer in July? Sign us up!

What could be better than warm and yummy, flaky crusts with delicious fruit filling all year round? What could be better than combining holiday cheer and yummy treats in the sunny month of July? The answer is: Nothing.


QVC Presents:  Mamie’s Pies on Christmas + QVC in July

Tune into QVC on Sunday, July 15th at 5pm (ET) and get your chance to order Mamie’s Pies in all the different flavors!

This is the 'Christmas in July' special, so do your holiday shopping now and pick your delivery date for either Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah or New Years!

The Holiday Offering: Give a Gift, Get a Gift

Buy one Mamie's Pies 8-pack for yourself and give one 8-pack as a gift to a loved one, family member or friend. Spread the Mamie's love!

1) The first 8-pack will be McIntosh Apple!

2) The second 8-pack will be YOUR choice: Either scrumptious cherry pumpkin or blueberry!

Do all your Christmas Shopping on Sunday, July 15th!

2 gift stickers are included!

There are limited quantities for immediate ship date; however you can schedule your shipments for November and December, which is perfect for holiday deliveries!

Mamie’s Pies are the best options for dinner tables all over the country ~ and Mamie’s Pies typically sells out very quickly, so please tune in as soon as you can to get your orders for you, your friends and your families for the upcoming holiday season! Inventory is limited, so place your orders now!

Cheers to ordering for everyone you love and making your holiday season delicious and bright.

These pies are soooooo good! I baked a blueberry yesterday and an apple today. They are filled with fruit and bake up just as advertised. I would definitely order these pies again.
— QVC Customer

Why Mamie's Pocket Pies are an Everyday Treat

kara romanik


Some of us prefer sweet, and some of us prefer salty. That being said, we all love delicious things.

Delicious is something we can all agree on.

Mamie’s pocket pies are an everyday treat because they are simple and easy to prepare.

Simply open your dry ice 12-pack of Mamie’s pocket pies and place them in your freezer.

If you’re craving McIntosh apple pie, tart cherry, Wild Maine blueberry or sweet strawberry, we have you covered! Just pair any flavor with some delicious vanilla ice cream for the perfect treat on a hot summer mid-day.

Take these easy steps:

  1. Preheat your oven

  2. Take one of the cute pies out of the freezer

  3. Place it on parchment paper on a cookie sheet

  4. Decorate the top of the pocket pie with a little bit of milk

  5. Pop the sheet into the oven

Voila! Within minutes, your mouth-watering pocket pie is ready to eat!

With only 4 simple filling ingredients, this is a treat and homemade recipe that you can sink your teeth and heart into, every day!

Mamie’s Pies Summer Picnic

kara romanik

Untitled design (7).png

Summer picnics are the best. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. You’ve got your favorite picnic basket and red, white and blue gingham linens.

You’ve got family and friends joining you! You’ve got sparkling apple cider chilled.

You’ve got the cute summer outfit and sandals. You’ve got the smile!

You’ve got the tea sandwiches, veggie plates and fresh quinoa salads!

What’s missing? An easy, delicious and snackable dessert!

Are you looking for the perfect on-the-go dessert that fits in the palm of your hand and melts in your mouth? If so, Mamie’s Pies is your answer!

Choose your favorites, i.e. either McIntosh Apple, Strawberry, Cherry or Wild Maine Blueberry, pop them in them in the oven and then package them in tupperware to include them in your perfect summer picnic basket.

With Mamie’s, dessert is fun, summer picnic accessible and always in style.